Attitude designs is Sydney-based interior & styling practice known for its creativity, high end finishes and attention to detail. Attitude designs is a studio well regarded for its highly tailored and personalised client strategies from concept to delivery.
Our focus is to inspire our clients with a finished project that goes beyond their expectations using our online platform to solve their needs. Our philosophy is to produce unique and individual design results that not only reflect our clients or their brand but enhances their lives.
Recognised nationally and internationally, Attitude designs has spent more than 5 years curating a diverse portfolio spanning high end residential and property styling projects. More recently the studio, guided by founder and managing director Ana Casagrande.
Attitude designs is passionate about all facets of design and believes it’s an essential component to delivering a comprehensive and successful project. The focus is always on creating spaces that are sophisticated, refined and genuinely reflecting a client’s personality or brand.
Attitude Designs uses the power of design to transform even the simplest area into a stunning space. An experienced Interior Designer, they’ve been working in the business and have developed a loyal and enthusiastic clientele made up of both private and commercial clients. Get in touch to find out more about working with them.

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Interior Design
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Attitude born for Ana idea to make interior design easy, convenient, fast.
I bring the idea for my Brazilian company but I use the Australia way. I feel the others designer a little complicated  to book and this take a long time for you have a conversation with them, also the shopping list I feel the customer get stuck with that because the others designer doesn’t offer the power to the client, always they need to be supervisor for a professional. In my idea is make a customer the owner and they have their own decision about everything, just follow the design concepct but they can buy what ever they what. Just because design is art, design is feeling the customer just need to understand what and why the design, and later on the buy, shopping buy their on.
On this days technology is the key for everything what why interior design online solution the customer going to meet a professional using their favorite way could be a mobile, tablet , even a computer.
Ana has in her background a lot of experience with different types of people because for me the most important thing in life is to get to know the other and understand what each individual think and try to help the best way I can. To design you must have to understand your customer, what they are passionate about it, what they care about for you do a good job.



Enthusiastic about life, love simple gestures and crazy about the design.

She is a qualified architect in Brazil with a big dream to make the people life beautiful and easy. In her experience as a designer, I had a chance to develop more than 150 residential projects and commercials. With 6+ years’ experience with architecture and interior designer, she felt ready to start her own business in Australia. She has in mind space, colors, material, furniture, ceiling, walls. That’s why she learned to decorate with things really easy and absolutely stunning.

In past experience, she develop 4 furniture stores at Castle Hill, Chatswood, and Carling Ford, also the design for the one stand at ICC construction fair all the layout the mood board.

Also worked for Williams Sonoma and Domayne furniture.

Also, she worked for a hude company in Brazil as a visual merchandiser. In her daily basis, she needed to create a new room every day that means at this company she have been doing more than 150 new places with all the designers, colors, textures.

Before she move to Australia she opened a company called Projeto AD 2016 this company was a success we participated for a design fair on this fair we had many suppliers to help to show our work, also we made a video for Record is television, we just had to finish because me and my co-worked decided to do the things by our own .

she tuned, in past few years she have been to Roma Design Fair, Brazilian Casa Cor, Revestir, ICC design fair.

When it comes to staying up-to-date about the latest trends, I’m the leading interior designer in the industry. From the beginning stages to the final application, I’m committed to guiding clients throughout the entire process. Contact me and learn how I can transform your space today!