Enthusiastic about life, love simple gestures and crazy about design.

Brazilian Intuitive Architect & Interior Design, working in the area for over 10 years. In his experience as a designer, he had the chance to develop many international projects, both internal and commercial. Today, he specializes in creating and transforming cold and lifeless spaces into attractive and cozy spaces. Years of experience employ decoration techniques with accessories that are really easy and accessible to the customer's pocket. So when it comes to staying up to date on the latest trends, it is the industry leader.



Interior design company based in Sydney and internationally recognized for applying personalized strategies adapted to the needs of its client. For this, creativity and special design techniques are used in order to transform a simple space into an impressive environment, paying particular attention to details and high quality finishes. Its aim is to offer the client an exclusive design project that reflects their personality or what their brand represents, as well as inspiring them to feel extraordinary in the designed space.
Attitude Design has also become notable for its high-end residential and commercial work, as it has the ability to carry out, across the country, any style the client wants. In addition, the founder and general director of the company, Ana Laura Casagrande, realizing that many women from different parts of the world want to learn in an easy and practical way how to transform the environment of their homes into an incredible and cozy space, launches the Outside in - Transforming from the outside to the inside, with the aim of transmitting their design knowledge, acquired with their experience in the area, to these women and inspiring them to make their dreams come true.